Ourika knotted rug

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  • Lenght 215 cm
  • Width 150 cm


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A superb Berber hand-made knotted wool rug from the Ourika Valley in the Moroccan High-Atlas range and neighbouring areas. These rugs draw our attention by the bold use of new and re-used materials that in many ocassions combine a bright colour palette and the most modern aesthetic result. The warp in this sample is made of cream undyed wool. The weft combines woven dark undyed natural wool and knotted brown and crean undyed natural wool. The decorative motifs in cotton thread are outstanding in their bright colours. Those motifs show the rich Berber symbology with the use, among other, of lozenges with a small squere inside in reference to the women's state of expectancy. Otros names: -boucherouite-. 1980's.