Beni M'Rirt Berber rug (N)

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  • Lenght 310 cm
  • Width 200 cm


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Beni Mrirt or Beni M'Rirt handmade artisan knotted rugs, like this newly made one, are woven in the Moroccan region of the same name in the Middle Atlas mountain range. Sometimes they are mistakenly taken for Beni Ouaraïn rugs, particularly those examples with a cream or white background. However, Beni MRirt rugs have their own distinctive features such as a denser pile and the wonderful and characteristic use of deep colors such as reds, orange or brown for the background. It should also be noted the quality of the wool as well as, when decorated, the originality of the motifs used and of their distribution. Apparently naïve and most charming motifs are then used mixing female and male symbols reflecting the always amazing Berber symbology. These rugs are very original, cosy and show great personality. It can be ordered to measure.