Beni Ouaraïn. Berber knotted wool vintage rug

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  • Lenght 170 cm
  • Width 85 cm


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A vintage hand-made Berber knotted one hundred per cent undyed wool rug from the tribe of the Beni Ouaraïn. The Beni Ouaraïn form a confederation of about seventeen Berber groups inhabiting the Northeastern part of the Moroccan Middle Atlas mountain range. Among those tribes we find the Aït Jelidassen, the Zerarda, the Aït Assou, the Ahl Telt, the Beni bou Zart or the Imrilen. The quality of the Beni Ouaraïn textiles has been acknowledged and admired since long. To that have contributed the dexterity of their artisan weavers (mainly women) and the quality of the wool from a local breed of small sheeps that may still be found in certain areas inhabited by the Beni Ouaraïn. Their rugs use that wool for their warp, weft and knots. Their medium to long pile and silky touch rugs have become well-known worldwide for the use of the very characteristic so-called -Berber knot- on two or three warp threads, the lovely cream palette of the natural undyed wool used and their medium to high thickness. However, as an exception, the expert Gebhart Blazek gives account as to how until relatively recent times the Beni bou Zart where still using the loop-knot for some of their textiles. When decorated they use geometrical patterns that reflect the richness of the Berber iconography and simbology with references to feminine and masculine elements as well as to protective motifs. Beni Ouaraïn rugs are not originally meant for decoration. They would serve as mattresses for the family to withstand the freezing cold winter nights at the Atlas and then, turned over onto the other side, during the summer. Rugs with a strong tribal character and extremely decorative.